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Trueshopping® 43cc 1.25kw 1.7hp 2 stroke Professional Petrol Strimmer

£109.99 £99.99

McCulloch Petrol Strimmer 26cc

only £0.00

Trueshopping® Powerful Heavy Duty 2-stroke 2.5kw 3.3hp 58cc Petrol Str...

£134.99 £114.99

Draper Expert 45577 30 cc Petrol Brush Cutter

£255.19 £152.00

230w Flymo Mini Trim ST Electric Grass Trimmer

£27.99 £9.00

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The online store dedicated to providing our users with a fantastic range of garden cutting tools at the best prices. 

Garden strimmers are one of the most essential garden tools that you will need to help you achieve a fantastic looking garden and keep on top of the spring and summer bloom. The strimmer will allow you to tackle those hard to reach areas that’s just not possible with your lawnmower. No one wants their garden to be raggy around the edges! 

Electric Strimmers

Electric strimmers are the most common type of domestic strimmer for various reasons which include:

  • Light weight makes them easy to carry! 
  • Cheap to buy and run.
  • Reliable.

Petrol Strimmers

Petrol strimmers are much more superior compared to electric ones, and almost all professional gardeners will own a petrol strimmer. Because they are more heavy duty and powerful they can tackle much higher demanding tasks such as over grown lawns, thick foliage including large weeds. There are no power cables holding you back which is essential if you have a large garden.

Petrol strimmers do have some drawbacks compared to electric strimmers which include:

  • More expensive to purchase.
  • Depending on the fuel type (two or four stoke) means you may have to mess about mixing fuel with two stroke oil
  • Because the engines run at quite high RPM, and the fact they are a combustion engine they do require maintanence in order to remain reliable.
  • They are much heavier than an electrical one which can be quite demanding if using for long periods of time. Some strimmers do have a shoulder strap to take a lot of the strain away, but i thought its worth mentioning.